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Leg material choice: carbon fiber VS aluminum alloy
Release time: 2022/7/5    Reading:1880

This mainly depends on whether it is outdoor or indoor and whether it needs to be carried for a long distance. Indoor needs are all right. If it involves outdoor, it is necessary to consider weight reduction and lightweight portability.
Carbon fiber material:
More expensive
Suitable for travel
The density of carbon fiber composite is 1.7g/cm3, while the density of aluminum alloy is about 2.7g/cm3, which makes the weight loss of carbon fiber composite better.
Carbon fiber has higher strength and lighter weight, making it more suitable for travel. Do not consider the cost of words, of course, all choose carbon fiber is ok.
Almost all of my shelves are made of carbon fiber, because I love scenery and climbing stairs outdoors. Carbon fiber can reduce a lot of load. It can also be said that the use of carbon fiber tripod is a change from beginner to professional photographer.
However, it is also true that carbon fiber is relatively brittle, which can easily lead to structural damage if subjected to unbalanced force, just like "overwhelming force". I have also used one broken, and excessive lateral force is almost destructive to carbon fiber material.
Aluminum alloy material:
The intensity of lower
High cost performance
Aluminum alloy material is also more fragrant, although "old stupid thick" but cheap and practical, most of the professional equipment collocation of the foot is aluminum alloy heavy foot.
If your equipment is heavy, more than 10Kg or suggest to directly choose aluminum alloy material of the foot, this weight is not portable, suitable for urban and indoor use, aluminum alloy has a higher cost performance, the price is usually only 1/3 of the same carbon fiber, cheap and easy to use.
For example, this 50kg heavy theodolite astronomical telescope requires two people to carry, and even with a steel foot frame. In the case of astronomical telescopes where stability is the primary consideration, the weight of the foot frame can also provide a certain stability, but the heavier the better.
But for some light tripods, the material difference is not too obvious, the 200g gap is not big, you can choose.