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Camera tripod kit, an indispensable piece of hardware in your camera Arsenal
Release time: 2022/7/5    Reading:1793

For many people who are new to photography, they will pay more attention to the camera body and lens, and ignore the importance of other photography accessories, such as lighting, such as tripod. When you start the tripod can really get you another door, open the photography tripod's main function is to adjust the position of the camera, and has remained firmly fixed, so for camera tripod is a must, for example many photographers in the process of using the telephoto shot a bird will be their "pike short gun" on a tripod to ensure the picture will not shake.
Tripod appearance and operation details The main features of the product are introduced on the side of the package.
Open the tripod box, there is a thick storage bag attached inside, the zipper can be fully opened, take out and put into the tripod is very convenient, in addition, there is a zipper pocket inside the storage bag, some accessories of the tripod can be put inside.
In addition to the main body of the tripod set, the package also includes the ball bowl, three foot nails, 1/4 and 3/8 screws for the monopod, a number of spanners and product tags and instructions.
The measured overall weight of the tripod is 2.9KG, of which the hD-60M head is 1.24KG and the MX-436C tripod is 1.77KG.
The tripod foot tube is made of carbon fiber, which has the advantages of light weight, high strength and good stability. The foot tube has four sections in total, with the largest pipe diameter reaching 36mm and the smallest pipe diameter also having 25mm.
The tripod has a shaft-free design that reduces the number of fittings and provides better stability. At the same time, the tripod base adopts hollow design under the premise of ensuring stability, so that the overall weight is further reduced.
Three screw holes of different sizes are provided on the side of the base to provide more extensibility, such as monitors, microphones, light accessories and so on.
In addition to the installation of hydraulic head, the ball bowl can also be installed on the tripod, after installing the ball bowl can also provide a certain level of adjustment.
One of the tripods can be rotated down and used as a monopod, which can be used to stabilize the camera when the tripod cannot be used in a narrow place.
When in use, it can be fixed with the camera through the matching 1/4 and 3/8 screws.
The size of the foot pad is relatively large, and there will be a small round bulge at the bottom, which can achieve better anti-slip effect.
The actual use of the foot pad can be flexible automatic adjustment Angle, to achieve full contact with the ground, to ensure the use of the tripod stable.
If the use of a tripod in a special environment can also be replaced by foot pads into nails, the replacement process can be removed and installed only by manual rotation.
The height adjustment of the foot tube can be realized by rotating the foot tube lock, which can be unlocked by rotating counterclockwise 1/4 or so, and can be locked by rotating clockwise 1/4. The foot tube adjustment is also very convenient.
The foot tube supports height adjustment from three angles. The adjustment process requires pulling the red lock outward. In actual adjustment, it can not only pull outward with two points, but also push forward from behind with one finger.
From high to low adjustment to lift, and then to the position of the foot can be adjusted by pressing the position.
The weight of the tripod is 15KG, which can basically meet the combined weight of all cameras and lenses. In fact, my whole body felt very stable when I pressed the tripod, and there was no slippage or deformation during the whole process.
Look at the supporting HD-60M hydraulic head, head arranged on both sides of a plurality of knobs, the left plate seat knob is used to fix the top of the fast loading plate, damping adjustment knob is mainly to adjust the head hydraulic damping.
The main knob on the right controls the pitch adjustment of the head holder, the knob on the handle adjusts the Angle of the handle, and the horizontal knob on the bottom can lock the head holder's horizontal rotation.
Since the pitch adjustment is equipped with hydraulic damping, the difficulty of pitch can be achieved by adjusting the damping.
The horizontal direction can achieve 360 degrees of rotation, and there is a scale at the bottom of the head to clearly understand the Angle of rotation.
The handle is fixed with metal serrated structure, which can be fixed firmly as long as it is tightened.
The handle can also be extended, after the extension of the adjustment of the head will be more convenient.
In addition, the position of the handle can be exchanged between left and right, which is convenient for people with different usage habits.
The quick mounting plate is an international universal aka system, which is firmly fixed and very convenient to install and disassemble. Quick mounting plate supports 1/4 and 3/8 camera screws.
The two screws of the camera can be stored in two positions of the head when not in use, for example, the 3/8 screws can be stored in the end of the handle.
The 1/4 screw can be tightened and fixed in the threaded hole on the other side of the handle when not in use. Usually the screw storage can effectively prevent the screw scratch tripod.
The attached hexagonal wrench should be used to fix the camera and quick loading board. Usually, the wrench should be placed inside the storage bag. It would be better if there is a storage position for this wrench on the tripod.
SONY A7M3 and Tenglong 28-75 lenses are the main cameras I use in daily life. The weight of both lenses is about 1.5kg. It can be said that there is no pressure when placed on this tripod.
Practical experience
The weather is nice these days, so I went out with my camera to try this professional tripod. The range of heights a tripod can adjust is very wide. Due to the non-central axis design, the tripod can be supported on the ground in a position almost prone on the ground. By adjusting the high, middle and low gears of the tripod and adjusting the length of the foot tube, the height of the tripod can be effectively adjusted. The maximum height of the tripod can be 164cm, which can meet the majority of use scenarios.
In outdoor Settings, footpads are more firmly anchored to the ground, making it easy to shoot low angles that many tripods with pivots don't.
The length and height of the foot tube can be adjusted arbitrarily, even if it is not good to play the position can also be adjusted to meet the needs.
Using a tripod, you can take interesting stop-motion pictures even without a shutter release. The process of taking a picture is as simple as continuously placing the figure, pressing the shutter, and then combining these pictures together to create interesting stop-motion pictures.
The use of tripod is more outdoor, such as overpass, roof and so on, put the camera in these places really need a better tripod to give yourself a sense of security, after all, the most important demand for tens of thousands of yuan of equipment on the tripod is to be stable.
There was no problem when the camera was placed on the tripod to take the image of the fixed position. There was a certain wind on the overpass at that time, as can be seen from the shaking of the leaves in the video, but the camera was really stable.
Using the handle on the head, you can also turn the camera lens smoothly to shoot video pictures.
The tripod on the plastic floor can also be fixed stably, with a level on the tripod to help adjust the camera to a horizontal Angle for shooting.
With hydraulic damping structure, the pitching Angle of the mirror is very stable and silky.
Even if you press the shutter again and again, there will be no obvious shaking.
Using PHOTOSHOP to create GIF photos, you can see that the railing on the right side of the picture does not shake at all, which I really did not expect. It seems that the professional tripod shutter line is saved.
The tripod that I used the current price of the highest tripod, it also does make me shine at the moment, first of all, it has the most should have the properties of the tripod is stable, secondly it has a solid foundation to work with materials, detail is in place, the last is convenient operation properties, should be more convenient to carry out the tripod!