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AOKA was founded in 2010 by Mr Wang has been deeply involved in the design of photographic equipment industry for 16 years, and is the first batch of pioneers to apply CNC precision processing technology in the industry. At the beginning of its establishment, it was specially for the OEM photography tripod of well-known photographic equipment brands in South Korea and Germany. After the precipitation of technology and time, it established its own brand "AOKA" in 2013. The letter A at the beginning and end of the AOKA trademark interprets 26 letters is a cycle, representing any series of products of AOKA , and OK in the middle represents the pursuit of product quality.

Every product developed and produced by AOKA is from the perspective of photographers. High quality and high cost performance has always been our goal. The products are innovative, practical, durable and easy to operate. They cover a variety of photography accessories for shooting environments, including outdoor scenery, photography, macro, panorama, bird photography, mobile phone photography and other support systems. There are not many kinds of AOKA products, but we can find a particularly suitable representative product in each use scenario, which avoids the difficulty of users' choice. We insist on producing several similar products. It is better to focus all our energy on one product to achieve simple and accurate products.

AOKA's global marketing network has covered more than 30 countries and regions. In order to relieve users' worries, AOKA series products are guaranteed for 6 years warranty, so that all users who use AOKA products can truly experience the fun of photography.

  • Enterprise Vision

    To do a good job of products and services, so that all users are assured;

  • Corporate Mission

    Good brand, service community, set up enterprises to give back to society;