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The indispensable tripod
Release time: 2022/7/5    Reading:2165

In many landscape photography equipment, the tripod is the most important shooting equipment in addition to the camera and lens. Every professional landscape photographer, whether photographing urban landscapes or outdoor natural environments, carries a tripod, and the requirements for a tripod are so high that most professional landscape photographers have multiple tripods of various sizes, large and small.
Usually we say the tripod, in fact, is composed of two parts of the head and foot, the market is mostly sold in sets, photography enthusiasts often ignore the two parts of their respective role and collocation differences, so it is also very happy to buy such sets. In fact, this is a good thing for users, as it greatly simplifies the difficulty of shopping and gives the user experience a certain guarantee to a large extent. Photography enthusiasts are mainly choosing brands and materials when shopping.
Another important reason landscape photographers use tripods is to photograph flowing water in silky shapes.
So how does a professional landscape photographer choose a tripod? First, they choose different tripods depending on the scene. If shooting in the city, the standard tripod or lightweight tourist tripod will be selected. These legs are lighter, easier to carry and flexible to use. The disadvantage is the lack of stability in high winds. For example, the city night scene is shot from the rooftop of a high-rise building. When the wind speed reaches level 4 or above, it is necessary to mount a counterweight on the foot frame to improve its stability. Heavy-duty tripods without central shafts are used for long-term outdoor shooting or in harsh weather conditions.
Secondly, professional landscape photographers usually choose high-end products from familiar brands. According to their years of experience and shooting experience, they separately purchase the head and tripod and then use them in combination. Of course, if the manufacturer offers a tripod set that meets expectations, they will also buy it. There is no definite rule and it is difficult to sum up, especially the choice of yuntai, which is really diverse. Some people are used to using three-dimensional head holder, some people are used to using spherical head holder. Even for professional photographers, different people have different feelings about the experience of using the platform. So, before buying, they will go to the specialty store to try it out and then decide.
In some detail design, some experience of professional landscape photographer can be used for reference. For example, in the low-temperature rain and snow weather and sand dust environment, the sophisticated structure of the THREE-DIMENSIONAL head is easy to be frozen or stuck. Although this is rare and compared to a spherical cradle, it is still a good reference for those who often take pictures in similar environments. If you are not used to spherical head, you can also pay more attention to protection when using three-dimensional head, simply block it, clean up snow and rain in time, which can make its life longer and use more smoothly.